How Does Carpet Cleaning Work

Your carpet is one of your investment and giving value to it is understandable. It adds beauty to your home however, you need to take care of it because they are also delicate. Your carpet is also one of the most used parts of your interior and pets usually love them. They sleep on it and they can accidentally urinate on it, too.

Most households clean the carpets through using a vacuum cleaner. This is a faster way to do however, we still need to make sure it is effective. We need to make sure residues and dirt do not accumulate into its deeper surface. While we want to deep clean our carpets, there are also detergents that may cause damage to its fabric.

carpet cleaning work

Due to these reasons, the carpet needs a full immersion carpet cleaning. It is an effective and efficient cleaning process recommended for every type of rugs and carpets. This process does not only remove visible dirt and stains on the carpet, but it can also remove crystallized stain which is the reason of the unwanted odor. Aside from dirt residue, odors are also difficult to remove that is why a full immersion cleaning is recommended for the deep clean process.

A professional carpet cleaner will have to inspect the type of carpet you want them to clean. In this way, he is able to determine the kind of detergent he needs to use based on the type of fabric of your carpet. He needs to make sure the detergent will not damage your precious carpet and maintain its appearance.

The process of full immersion carpet cleaning is safe for all types of carpets and rugs such as flokatis, dhurries, kilims, designer rugs, barbers, Persian rugs, Chinese, oriental, traditional, and modern rugs. These carpets are also prone to bacteria that spread allergens in the air and causes sickness to the household members.

Before the cleaner gets it the carpet wet, they will need to vacuum it to remove the dry soil. Before the full cleaning starts, it is pre-treated to remove stains and spots on the rug by using an effective cleaning solution. Once dirt, spots, and stains are removed, the carpet is then filled with water with a cleaning solution so the mixture is deeply absorbed by the fabric.

The cleaning solutions are proven safe to ensure it is safe to the wool which is the common fabric of a carpet. Just like washing the clothes, the carpet is then rinsed with a clean water to make sure the cleaning solutions and dirt are fully removed from the carpet. As it goes dry, the fabric is still smooth while its appearance and design are still maintained.

It is then placed in a drying system so the carpet is kept straight until it goes dry. To make sure the carpet is fully cleaned, a thorough inspection is done. The cleaner will have to check if the odor was also removed aside from those visible stains.

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